360° sports media and business

Full-service agency specialising in connecting sports with business solutions.

Professional sports are our passion.
Business is our area of expertise.
We always take a 360° approach to our thinking. 

We develop media formats for the world of sports. sportbyzz consults clients ranging from clubs, leagues and associations, the media, start-ups and international brands. We draw new insights from sports data. We offer sponsors opportunities to advertise themselves in the world of sports, using original content that stands out from advertising boards and television ads.

Media formats°

sportbyzz develops unique media formats, such as previews for important football matches, live analysis during and immediately after matches, background stories and talk show formats. The majority are developed together with sportbyzz partners Jan Henkel and Manuel Baum.

Analysis &
sports data°

No matter if you need a specific type of data or a qualitative analysis, sportbyzz is able to provide new insights. sportbyzz creates new formats that explain and analyse a match with the help of Big Data and artificial intelligence. We also find the right data for every moment, and give you the story behind the numbers.


We develop brand-new media formats, taking into account the right sponsor. After all, the sponsor needs to fit to the product. In this way, we generate new ideas and bring all our partners on board right from the start: starting with us as the producer, down to the broadcaster and the sponsor – always while taking into account the desires and demands from the public and the fans.


We boast more than 25 years of experience in the media landscape, largely in the field of sports. sportbyzz maintains a network in the areas of sport, media and business. We analyse, we conceptualise and we implement ideas. We offer both a strategic and a holistic approach to project management. Every idea is presented using a business case, and our work is both goal-oriented and data-driven. We get things done.

Keynote speakers

Regardless of whether the topic is data, sports, motivation and success, communication, the future, trends and much more, we have the ability to offer a variety of talks and workshops suitable for your event.

The sportbyzz notebook

There are many ways in which we can improve our daily productivity, especially with the use of a simple notebook. sportbyzz has developed a special notebook for clients and partners. Ask us to learn more!

New projects

sportbyzz lends structure to innovation and creativity. Think we can help support your next project? Contact us to get in touch!

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