About us

Merging sport and business has always been a passion of sportbyzz founder Dirk Ifsen. After more than 10 years as chairman of the Opta Sport Daten AG, during which time he transitioned into a role as managing director of Perform Media Deutschland GmbH and other companies under the Perform Group, Dirk founded his first company, sportbyzz GmbH, at the end of 2021. Previously, Dirk worked as a journalist, project manager and in various management positions at Amazon, Expedia and Kabel Deutschland, amongst others.

After 25 years in the workforce, Dirk went on sabbatical in mid-2020. During this time, he arrived at the decision that it was time for a change. It quickly became clear that his ideas and newfound drive were guiding him in one direction: towards founding his first company. 

sportbyzz GmbH sees itself as a partner, not just as a service provider. We take a one-on-one approach to each of our clients, and individuality, a business focus, creativity, professionalism and mutual respect are the priority for us in our day-to-day work. On top of that, we are highly motivated and always bring fun into the work we do.

The launch of sportbyzz was defined by a close friendship and cooperation with two colleagues: Jan Henkel, TV producer and presenter, as well as Manuel Baum, Bundesliga coach and media expert. As a team we develop concepts and realise unique projects, all with the spirit to match. 

Dirk is also involved in other businesses as an advisor.