We are creative and focused on the future. We see business cases as being at the forefront of our thinking. We create media formats that can be refinanced, and offer sponsors fresh ways of integrating themselves in the world of sports. Big Data and qualitative analysis are hallmarks of our work.

sportbyzz takes a 360-degree approach to the development of new formats and ideas. We ask ourselves, how can the concept function, which media formats can be used, and how do the various factors interact? How can we combine the needs of all our stakeholders in order to create a successful model?

Sport doesn’t only provide fans, sponsors, media and athletes with memorable moments and opportunities. Sport also teaches children values such as team spirit, respect, discipline and fair play – values that sportbyzz also supports. We have partnered with the Laureus Sport for Good Germany charity and donate 1% of our revenues from every deal directly to Laureus to help support underprivileged children and youth.